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  • Little Sisters, Arctis Books (upcoming, 2024) (FR>EN)
  • If Memory Serves..., Life Drawn (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Ellie in First Position, Marble Press (upcoming, 2023) (IT>EN)
  • Gurvan: A Dream of Earth, Humanoids (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Storyboarding for Wim Wenders: Visions of Wenders, Life Drawn (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Bibi  & Miyu, #1-2 , TOKYOPOP, 2020-21 (#3, upcoming, 2023) (DE>EN)
  • Dagfrid, Viking Girl: Secret Viking Wishes, Arctis Books (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Dagfrid, Viking Girl: No More Ear Buns, Arctis Books (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Just Friends, TOKYOPOP (upcoming, 2023) (ES>EN)
  • SMURF Tales #7, Papercutz (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #12: Samurai, Papercutz (upcoming, 2023) (FR>EN)
  • Sirius: Twin Stars, TOKYOPOP, 2022 (ES>EN)
  • The Sisters, #3-8, Papercutz, 2017-2022  (FR>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #11: Slavery, Papercutz, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #10: The First Steps on the Moon, Papercutz, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Tiki: A Very Ruff Year, Life Drawn, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Alice on the Run: One Child's Journey Through the Rwandan Civil War, Life Drawn, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Physics in Crisis: From Multiverses to Fake News, World Scientific Publishing, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Chloe #6: Green Thumb, Charmz, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #9: The Titanic: Shipwreck of a Giant, Papercutz, 2022) (FR>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #8: Vikings, Papercutz, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Makhno: Ukrainian Freedom Fighter , Life Drawn, 2022 (FR>EN)
  • Rosa Parks, NBM Publishing (2022) (IT>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #7: Gandhi, Papercutz (2022) (FR>EN)
  • Magical History Tour #6: The Plague , Papercutz, 2021 (FR>EN)
  • A House Without Windows, Life Drawn, 2021 (FR>EN) (Publishers Weekly Book Pick of the Week; Publishers Weekly Starred Review; NY Times book review)
  • Mysterious Black Holes, World Scientific Publishing, 2021 (IT>EN)
  • Alter Ego, TOKYOPOP, 2021 (ES>EN)
  • For Justice: The Serge & Beate Klarsfeld Story, Life Drawn, 2021 (FR>EN), (Publishers Weekly review)
  • Chloe and Cartoon #1-2 Charmz, 2020-21 (FR>EN)
  • Brina the Cat #2: City Cat , Papercutz, 2020 (IT>EN)
  • Undead Messiah 3, TOKYOPOP, 2020 (DE>EN)
  • Chloe #5,  with Joe Johnson, Charmz, 2020 (FR>EN)
  • Super Sisters, Papercutz, 2020 (FR>EN)
  • Little Josephine: Memory in Pieces, Life Drawn, 2020 (FR>EN) 
  • Who Killed Kenny? NBM Publishing, 2019 (IT>EN)
  • Superman Isn't Jewish (by Jimmy Bemon), Humanoids, 2018 (FR>EN), (Publishers Weekly review)
  • Luisa: Now and Then (by Carole Maurel, adapted by Mariko Tamaki), Life Drawn, 2018 (FR>EN) (Publishers Weekly starred review; YALSA 2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens; Stonewall Book Awards Honor Book); 2020 GLLI YA Honor Book; Kirkus review)
  • California Dreamin’: Cass Elliot Before the Mamas & the Papas  (by Pénélope Bagieu), First Second Books, 2017 (FR>EN),( YALSA 2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens; 2018 Harvey Awards Best European Book; NY Times book review)
  • Sherlock, Lupin & Me #-3-4, Capstone Books for Young Readers, 2015 (IT>EN)
  • Enchanted Emporium #3-4, Capstone Books for Young Readers, 2015 (IT>EN)
  • Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #1-19, Papercutz, 2009-2017 (IT>EN)
  • Sea Creatures Graphic Novels #1-2, Papercutz, 2017 (FR>EN)
  • Thea Stilton Graphic Novels #1-7, Papercutz, 2013-17  (IT>EN)
  • The Sisters Graphic Novels #1, with Annie and Owen Smith, Papercutz, 2016 (FR>EN)
  • Disney Graphic Novels #4: Great Parodies: Mickey’s Inferno, Papercutz, 2016 (IT>EN)
  • Dinosaurs Graphic Novels #1-4, 3D,  Papercutz, 2014-15 (FR>EN)
  • Sin ilusion (No pasaran, v. 3, by Vittorio Giardino), NBM Publishing, 2008 (IT>EN)
    • Drugs, Money, and Secret Handshakes, by Robin Feldman (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    • Drug Wars, by Robin Feldman (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    • Rethinking Patent Law, by Robin Feldman (Harvard University Press, 2012)
    • Awakening the Essential Feminine, by Maureen Simon (Essential Feminine Publishing, 2011)
    • Translator Certification Manual (Global Translation Institute, 2011, co-editor, co-author, expert content provider)
    • JetDogs Studios; GLT Media; Yabra, Ltd.; Mallorca Holiday Letting; Native Speaker Translations
    • G3Translate; RebelMind Communications; ICON Clinical Research, Traductia; TikTak; Pronto E-Services; Helicon Soft; Global Translation Institute; Matinee Multilingual 
    • French: Cornell Univ., Kinkaid School (10 years), native speaker in childhood
    • Italian: Univ.of Ca., Berkeley
    • German: Univ. of Ca., Berkeley, Goethe Institute, Cornell Univ.
    • Latin: Univ. of Ca., Berkeley, Kinkaid School
    • Spanish: Cornell Univ.
    • Portuguese: Centro Latino, Berkeley
    • Hungarian, Czech & Dutch: Private studies
    • Russian & Hebrew: ABC Languages/ Lehrhaus Judaica: 2011-13
    • Languages sung: Auvergnat, Basque, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Yiddish
    • Native speaker of U.S. English
    • Published writer: SCBWI (P.A.L. Member); California Writers Club (Member); Author's Guild (Member); PEN (Member)
    • Blog: #WorldKidLitWednesday, Co-blogger, (Global Literature in Libraries Initiative), 2019-present
    • Blog: Music and Words on the Road, 2008-2016
    • PhD in Music: Univ. of Ca., Berkeley
    • MM in Vocal Performance: Holy Names College
    • MA in Music: Univ. of Ca., Berkeley
    • AB in Music, cum laude: Cornell Univ.
    • Goethe Institute: Ludwigsburg and Munich, Germany
    • Centre International de Formation Musicale: Nice, France
    • Writers Workshop at Chautauqua (Highlights Foundation)
    • Operatic and concert performances in Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic
    • Interpreting (informally) for rehearsals: Italy (Italian, French, and English)
    • Maid and café waitress: Switzerland, 1976
    • Foreign exchange student (Council on International Education Exchange, 1975): Switzerland
    • Opera and classical singer: 1989-present; CDs:
      • The Guernica Project (Centaur Records, upcoming, 2022)
      • Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan (2020) (Global Music Awards Silver Medal)
      • The Hungarians: From Rozsa to Justus  (Centaur Records CRC 3660, 2018) (Global Music Awards Gold Medal)
      • Surviving: Women's Words (Centaur Records CRC 3490, 2016) (Global Music Awards Silver Medal)
      • Benedetto Vinaccesi: the Solo Cantatas (Centaur Records CRC 3270: 2013
      • Fabulous Femmes (Centaur Records, CRC 2461: 2000/7)
    • Voice Teacher, 1986-1995, 2002-present
    • ATHENA Translations & Voice overs: Translating, editing, localizing and/ or proofreading from French, Italian, and German into English; writing, editing, and/ or proofreading in U.S. English—Technical & Scientific (software, technical instructions, medical, scientific research); Localization (websites, games, software, apps); Business (marketing, press releases, presentations, human resources); Journalism (tourism, sports, journal articles, interviews, editorials); Humanities (art, music, literature, history, economics, politics, training presentations, current events), 2001-present (Associate Member, ATA; Member ALTA; Member)
    • Voice overs, 2010-present, French and English; Editing, nonfiction and children’s books, 2008-13

    Photo credits: All photos on this web site except those in the photo gallery, are by Russ Fischella.

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